Mail Flow

Our, round-trip mail flow monitor alerts you as soon as there is an issue with your email flow. Get notified of any issues before it becomes a real problem for your company.

Advanced Alerts

Our system monitors your mail flow 24/7/365 and will alert you as soon as there is an issue. Get notified through various methods, including SMS, alternate email addresses and more*.

Detailed Reports

We have a series of reports available out of the box for you to download. You can also download the data from each report / table in CSV and Excel so you can create your own reports.

Advanced Dashboards

We provide you with access to various dashboard layouts. Want to see a high level overview of all problem. Want to see a simplified dashboard on a 40" screen..we got that covered too.

24/7 Email Flow Monitoring

Fully responsive

Access your dashboard from all devices no matter where you are. Our dashboards can be viewed on small phones to large wall mounted displays. This is perfect for members of start who are on call. All relevant information can be displayed on their mobile phone. No need to constantly carry around a tablet / laptop with them.


Download one of our premade PDF reports to show what is going on with your account. Alternatively, you can download the raw data in CSV format and generate your own. In need of reports but dreading that time investment? We offer fully formatted one click generated reports!


Mail Monitoring

We can monitor the mailflow for all your domains 24/7 while you sit back and take care of the day to day aspects of your company. Get notified of alerts before your clients know anything is wrong.

Automated Alerts

Automated 2 stage alerts will notify you of any issues with your mail flow. We can alert you in various sways including SMS or an alternative email address. Fully automated alerts that will notifiy you the instant things break down, but also when things get back in working order

Clean Visual Presentation

Proactive Monitoring

Mail Flow Monitoring means our system will fully check that your email server / service is working and allowing you to send and receive emails from each of your domains. Traditional server monitoring will look at just the server itself, but what about the devices beyond that, which you have no control over.

Normally the first time you know an email has not arrived is due to an angry client calling you, threatening to pull out of that deal you have be working hard for. IT department says they do not know of anything wrong with emails as this monitoring just the server itself. Using WatchFort along side your traditional server monitoring will provide your company with that extra edge.


Get started in 6 easy steps

It is so easy to setup, you can do it all within 5 minutes, then sit back and relax!

Step 1 - Create an account and purchase a subscription

Step 2 - Create a new mailbox on your server

Step 3 - Configure email forwarding

Step 4 - Whitelist WatchFort and it's IP Address

Step 5 - Create a new probe for each email domain

Step 6 - Sit back and relax

Amazing Graphical Data Presentation

Everyone likes to see how there kingdom is doing in one glance. We got you covered!


Dashboards& Overview

It doesn't mater if you are an on the go IT Support Engineer, an MSP, a DataCenter or a large company with multiple email domains to manage. We have a dashboard suitable for each scenario right out of the box.

You can have as much or as little information or as much information showing on a dashboard. Everything you need to see an error is shown directly on the screen or just a click away.


Visual displays

Stunning Graphs, easy to use data tables. and everything so user friendly!

We have designed graphs and data displays, to be clean looking and userfriendly, you will be able to easily manipulate the data presentation with a click of a button and even able to export these data presentations in multiple formats.

Each of our dashboards automatically refreshes every 60 seconds to bring you up to date information right to your fingertips.

Amazing Reporting Features

Everyone likes easy to make and handy reports. We got you covered!


Perfectly Designed

Where ever we have data displayed in a table, you also have the ability to download that data in various formats. You can take this data and create your own data presentations for internal or client meetings.

You can extract the data with just 1 click.

  • PDF Reports
  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • CSV Files

At Your Fingertips

All the reports and data you need are at your fingertips. No need to go hunting through menus for what you need.

We all know that churning out summary and/or incident reports can be a real pain. With that in mind we have made it possible to churn out reports with just a single click of the button. No more spending hours on making your own after action reports, just use our reporting tool and save yourself time and aggrevation!


Data Retention

Want to observe your monitoring over the long haul? We got you covered!

Its possible to keep track of your monitoring data over a long period, Usefull for those quarterly reports and trend analysis. Depending on the package that you have subscribed to, your monitoring data is being stored for a time period of 1,3 and 6 months.


Data Export

We offer multiple formats in which you can export your data!
Have you used the awesome reports but you need the raw data itself?
No Problem, there are handy tools to export your data in several formats.


Below are the packages we offer. You can upgrade to a higher package when needed.

  • Our basic package, giving you the ability to proactively monitor a single email domain.
  • £119 / Year
    (protection from £0.55/day)*
  • Probes: 1
  • Log Retention: 1 Months
  • Monitoring Interval: 5 minutes
  • Advanced Alerts
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Purchase Extra Probes
  • Signup
  • Looking after 100's of email domains for your clients? This is the package for you. 10 domains out of the box with the ability to purchase further probes.
  • £699 / Year
    (protection from £1.94/day)*
  • Probes: 10
  • Log Retention: 12 Months
  • Monitoring Interval: 5 minutes
  • Advanced Alerts
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Purchase Extra Probes
  • Signup
  • FORT
  • Using a .com, and .org email domain in your firm. This package will allow you to proactively monitor them all.
  • £299 / Year
    (protection from £0.83/day)*
  • Probes: 3
  • Log Retention: 3 Months
  • Monitoring Interval: 5 minutes
  • Advanced Alerts
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Purchase Extra Probes
  • Signup

*all pricing is subject to VAT. This will be applied upon purchase.

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